Pasta di Olive Nere (Fresh Black Olive Paste) - 170g

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Pasta di Olive Nere (Fresh Black Olive Paste) - 170g

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Pasta di Olive Nere  

A few teaspoons of black olive paste will give a depth of flavour to meaty ragu sauces. Try adding it to your home-made bread dough for a delicious olive bread. Made from olives picked later in the harvest and which are naturally a little sweet this paste is delicious as a dip or sandwich filling. Try using it in combination with our sun-dried tomato paste to create a deep rich tomato sauce. 

Fresh black olive paste  

Free from wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, soya or sulphites 

Perfect for bruschetta, meaty sauces, dip or sandwich filling

85.5% fresh black olive 

14.5% Di Simone extra virgin olive oil  

Touch of sea salt  

No artificial preservatives 

A deep and sweat flavour

Suitable for freezing in an ice-cube tray 


You may order nine pastes of your choice by purchasing the Assortment Pack. Upon confirmation of your order and before dispatch you will receive an email asking you to provide us with the varieties required.



Pasta di Olive Nere (Fresh Black Olive Paste) - 170g

A range of nine pastes made by blanching and blending locally grown vegetables with the

same extra virgin olive oil, with the addition of only a little seasoning, and in one instance some basil.

The pastes do not contain any artificial preservatives. The table below lists the percentage levels

of the vegetables in these pastes, the rest being Di Simone Extra Virgin olive oil. The high level

of vegetables and extra virgin olive oil make these pastes a truly discerning choice.  All the nine

pastes contain a touch of sea-salt. The flavours are: 



Pasta di Olive Verde

85.5% Fresh green olives

Pasta di Olive Nere

85.5% Fresh black olives

Pasta di Carciofi

85.5% Fresh artichokes

Pasta di Funghi Pleurotus

85.5% Fresh oyster mushrooms

Pasta di Asparagi

85.5% Fresh asparagus

Pasta di Pomodori Secchi

45.5% sun-dried tomatoes

Aglio, Oilo & Peperoncini

51.5% fresh garlic, 26% hot red chillies, 1% parsley

Pasta di Peperoncini Piccanti

91% finely-ground hot red chillies

Peperoncini Piccanti

87.5% coarsely-chopped hot red chillies








Additional Information

Jar Size 170g

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