The Divine Nine  


Di Simone pastes are made with fresh, locally grown vegetables blended with the same premium extra virgin olive oil. They are available in a range of nine amazingly scrumptious flavours. They also happen to be gluten, dairy and preservative-free. Sea-salt is the only seasoning that is added. Traditionally in Italy, vegetable pastes were made as a way of preserving seasonal vegetables for use later in the year.


Each paste has an unmatched intensity of flavour owing to the vast amount of vegetable content and the fact that very little else is added.Their extraordinary high vegetable content sets them apart from others on the market, making the pastes a truly discerning choice. 


Add these wholesome pastes to pasta, risotto, bruschetta, grilled meats or fish and to add a twist to food that's not even Italian! 


The asparagus paste has been shortlisted in the Free-From Food Awards 2014. FFFA posted the following comment on SoralinaUK Facebook & Twitter: “Soralina brings us another shortlisted #FFFA2014 Store Cupboard sauce, this time asparagus paste from Di Simone. Pure, simple and super-tasty… Add to your pasta, dip in with your grissini, or stick your teaspoon in and guzzle”  

Gingey Bites, the famous foodie from the Midlands blogged after the BBC Good Food Show Winter 2013 "Soralina. All I can say is wow - what amazing sauces - intense and with up to 91% vegetable content, they are well worth investing in. I tried the olive, asparagus and artichoke sauces and all of them were utterly divine. Soralina is a UK based family run business working with small artisan producers in the Abruzzo region of Italy to produce incredible olive oils, pastas and sauces"

The flavours and their ingredients: 

Pasta di Olive Verde - 85.5% Fresh green olives. Pasta di Olive Nere - 85.5% Fresh black olives. Pasta di Carciofi - 85.5% Fresh artichokes. Pasta di Funghi Pleurotus - 85.5% Fresh oyster mushrooms. Pasta di Asparagi - 85.5% Fresh asparagus. Pasta di Pomodori Secchi - 45.5% sun-dried tomatoes. Aglio, Olio & Peperoncini - 51.5% fresh garlic, 26% hot red chillies, 1% parsley. Peperoncini Piccanti - 87.5% coarsely-chopped hot red chillies. Pasta di Peperoncini Piccanti - 91% finely-ground hot red chillies



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