Olive Oil


Quite intense aroma of wet green grass and culinary herbs with a touch of basil and spicy lemon skins. Stalky, woody tones with nuts are also present.



Darky herbaceous tones in mouth with mixed salad leaves and nuts leading into well balanced almond skin bitterness and quite strong pepper. As the latter fade a touch of nuts comes onto the palate together with the lingering herbaceous tones.



Medium to robust style with well balanced bitterness, pepper and fruit.

Comments from Fortnum & Mason: "...it scored very highly - we could detect avocado on the aroma, sweet tropical fruit flavours, very grassy bitterness, intense heat, very green and full of character"

FB posting by Andy Beete: "The Virgin olive oil from Soralina is the finest oil I have ever tasted in 40 years as a foodie and their artisan pastas are wonderful. If you like quality forget supermatkets - shop with Soralina"

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