Limone & Agrumi Oils


 Limone and Agrumi Oils -  neither an infusion, nor a flavour


As you can see, we’re purists when it comes to how the olive oil we endorse is produced. That’s not to say we can’t get excited about a bit of innovation like Di Simone’s range of citrus olive oils. Limone - with whole fresh Sicilian lemons. Agrumi – whole fresh Sicilian lemon, orange, mandarin & pink grapefruit.


Di Simone Agrumi and Limone are produced by crusing whole Sicilian citrus fruits with the same olives used in the production of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil, at the point of pressing but towards the end of the harvest – hence limited production


These oils really do stand out against other ‘infusions’ or 'flavours' for their intensity. To us the term ‘integration’ best describes the process

Tom Kitchen talked about his love of lemon oil during his demo at the BBC Good Food Show (Nov 2013) so we had to put a bottle in his hand. Then a great tweet from Tom: "@SoralinUK great oil - you should be proud"

Aneesh Popat The Chocolatier, makes 'citrus pralines' using our Agrumi oil. Here's the proof:!pralines/cpr7                                                                                                             



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