Finest artisan produce from Abruzzo, Italy 


The Abruzzo region of central Italy has a rich culinary history and an abundance of fine artisan produce. Soralina is a UK family business working closely with a handful of producers to bring a small but growing selection to the UK. We proudly present... 


An extra virgin olive oil, produced exclusively in the D.O.P. Aprutino-Pescarese zone. It is a first cold pressed, medium to robust style oil, with a superbly balanced flavour and low acidity.


Delicious and unique citrus extra virgin olive oils made by crushing whole Sicilian citrus fruits together with olives at the end of the season’s oil production. 


Pure vegetable pastes made with extra virgin olive oil. Available in a range of nine flavours, they are also free of gluten, nuts & dairy.


Speciality pasta made with carefully selected high quality ‘semola di grano duro’ durum wheat mixed with Farindola spring water, and shaped with ancient bronze molds.


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