Di Simone extra virgin olive oil far exceeds the criteria of the Aprutino-Pescarese DOP Zone


Superior Category Extra virgin olive oil must not exceed free acidity, in terms of oleic acid, of 0.6g per 100g.

Di Simone’s EVOO is less than 0.5g per 100g. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from healthy olives picked directly from the trees grown in a DOP zone.

All the farms are within the DOP zone


Olives must be picked by hand or by mechanical means. 

The harvest is done with the labour of love and understanding by generations of the same family

Olives must be crushed by into a paste traditional means using mechanical means without the need of any solvents or heat. 

Di Simone olives are crushed by giant granite mill stones, known for their low temperature properties. 

Harvest is between 5th October and 15th December each year.

Di Simone’s farmers only harvest up to mid-November. 

The production of olives may not be more than 9000kgs per hectare with a maximum yield of around 20%.

Di Simone yield has never exceeded this requirement.


80% of the oil may be obtained from the Dritta, Leccino and Toccolana olive varieties.

Di Simone uses 60% Dritta and 40% Leccino.


The olives must be transported to a frantoio situated in the DOP zone for crushing.

Oleificio Di Simone has been situated in Loreto Aprutino since the early 1960s. 

The oil must be packaged in the DOP zone.

All packaging takes place at Oleificio Di Simone 

The largest container for retail consumers must be a maximum of 5 litres.

Di Simone containers range from 250ml to a maximum of 5 litres.


The colour of the oil should be green - yellow.

Di Simone oil has a dark-green colour.


The taste should be Fruity.

Di Simone oil has a robust, fruity and peppery kick. 



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