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Di Simone – A family producer


Since the 1960's the Di Simone family have been producing Superior Category Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the family's original olive mill, or frantoio, in Loreto Aprutino, in the heart of the D.O.P Aprutino-Pescarese zone of Pescara Province in Abruzzo Region, Italy. The region is blessed with hundreds of thousands of acres of olive trees and, in this yet unblemished part of Central Italy consists mainly of small-holdings and farms owned by families who have worked the land for generations, preserving time-honoured cultivating and harvesting methods.


Signor Alfonso Di Simone joined with his neighbours to produce oil under the Di Simone name from olives grown and cultivated to his exacting standards. He was absolutely steadfast in his beliefs of giving everyone the freedom to be an independent supplier with no contracts attached. His vision was such a success that the mill is now in the hands of the 3rd generation of the Di Simone family dealing with the same farmers and their families. Innovations such as citrus oil and vegetable pastes have enhanced a range with a superior category olive oil at its heart.


Having been supplied only to restaurants and shops in the Abruzzo Region and Northern Italy this superb oil is now sold exclusively in the UK and ROI by Soralina.

Di Simone Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A blend of only two varieties of olives, the Dritta (60%) and Leccino (40%) olives, the Dritta being unique to the Abruzzo region and notable for its low acidity, gives this Oil its yellow-green colour and a superbly balanced flavour.

The olives that go into Di Simone Extra Virgin Olive Oil are picked in the season’s early harvest from mid October to early December and conveyed the short distance to the frantoio within hours of harvest where they are immediately pressed using granite millstones. The frantoio produces small batches each annual harvest. Pristine conditions combine with traditional methods to produce an oil, the essence of which remains unchanged since it originated.

One of the characteristics of good quality extra virgin olive oil is low acidity, as denoted by oleic acid levels not exceeding 0.6 grams per 100 grams. Di Simone oil has an oleic acid level of less than 0.5 grams per 100grams. Extra virgin olive oil naturally contains no protein, carbohydrates, sodium or cholesterol and is high in Vitamin E.

A Professional Tasters' Verdict of Di Simone Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Quite intense aroma of wet green grass and culinary herbs with a touch of basil and spicy lemon skins. Stalky, woody tones with nuts are also present. 

Darky herbaceous tones in mouth with mixed salad leaves and nuts leading into well balanced almond skin bitterness and quite strong pepper. As the latter fade a touch of nuts comes onto the palate together with the lingering herbaceous tones.

Medium to robust style with well balanced bitterness, pepper and fruit.


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